Do you want to break cycles and deal with issues now, so that you dont have to deal with them in the future.

Are you ready to be coach to wholeness and thriving in your life?

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Wisdom From Coach Angel

You can't be broken and expect to win in life. In the same way your brokenness will limit you from being the ultimate winner you can be and have sustaining successes in your life. Sadly, there are some who thrive in life, but will eventually hit rock bottom because of emotional destruction from past experiences that they never took the time to heal from. Don't let that be you! You can have the best of both worlds, that is thriving and wholeness! 



Are you ready to be whole from what Mom or Dad did and didn't do in your life?

Do you want to see yourself doing better, bigger and greater? Better yet... being the best version of yourself?!

Are you ready to be emotionally whole? Living life with peace, joy, and happiness in spite of what happend to you?

 Are you ready to break through limitation you feel that hovers you from doing things?

"Your trauma is not your fault, but healing is YOUR responsibility."

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So you ended right here on this page of my website. Awesome! Before you get started... Let me tell you briefly about me and why I do what I do.


As a young girl I experience alot! I mean everyone does right?! I grew up in a dysfunctional home and my parents weren't really there for me in my youth. My father was on drugs and alcohol at one point of his life and my mother was too on drugs and wanted to live her life,  because of that it hinder them from being in my life and taking care of me. Their lifestyle and lack of absence in my life, Whether it was emotionally, physically, or financially it has caused me to grow such a hatred, bitterness, and resentment towards them, especially my mom. I walked around with these feelings towards them for a long time. Listen, maybe what mom or dad done to you is not similar in story to mine, but you can relate and on some degree point out the effects it has on an individual when experiencing parental wounds.


 I know what it's like to have parental wounds from mother or father. I know what it's like to be hurt by them, totally! However, today I can actually say I am whole! No longer do I live my life angry at what mom or dad have done and didnt do in my life. Though it was a process for me to get to this point, I can say i am whole and love my parents today as if i never hated them before. Whew... feels awesome to say that!


 I help individuals to be whole and thrive in their life after experiencing parental wounds.  And I can help you too. IF your ready to be whole and live your best life! When individuals experience parental wounds in their life it often affects areas of their life when they don't seek the proper healing. It can cease you from moving forward in life, achieving great things, being happy and emotionally whole.


I put together the very process that helped me become whole and thrive in my life to help you too. its time you become whole and thrive! 







Signed, Angel J


Helping individuals who experience Parental Wounds to live Whole and Thrive!

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